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General information

Mini Map


team 1

(green | 164 APM | 2848 actions | 17:20)
Hero icon 4 Keeper of the Grove
Ability icon 2 Force of Nature
Ability icon 2 Entangling Roots
Hero icon 3 Goblin Alchemist
Ability icon 2 Acid Bomb
Ability icon 1 Chemical Rage

» actions
Assign group hotkey52
Basic commands382
Build / train74
ESC pressed7
Enter build submenu16
Enter hero's abilities submenu9
Give item / drop item7
Right click772
Select / deselect513
Select group hotkey868
Use ability147
2848 total
» units
Mountain Giant1
Druid of the Claw7
Goblin Shredder1
Faerie Dragon1
36 total
» upgrades
Abolish Magic2
Druid of the Claw Training2
Mark of the Claw1
6 total
» buildings
Altar of Elders1
Moon Well7
Ancient of War1
Tree of Ages2
Hunter's Hall2
Ancient of Wonders1
Tree of Eternity2
Ancient of Lore2
Ancient of Wind1
19 total
» build order
00:05 Altar of Elders
00:11 Moon Well
00:21 Ancient of War
01:37 Moon Well
02:47 Tree of Ages
02:47 Tree of Ages
03:11 Moon Well
04:11 Hunter's Hall
04:11 Ancient of Wonders
05:18 Hunter's Hall
06:34 Tree of Eternity
06:34 Tree of Eternity
06:42 Ancient of Lore
06:52 Ancient of Lore
10:12 Moon Well
10:44 Moon Well
11:27 Ancient of Wind
13:40 Moon Well
14:32 Moon Well
» items
Staff of Preservation2
Potion of Healing3
Lesser Clarity Potion3
Potion of Mana2
Anti-magic Potion1
Potion of Lesser Invulnerability1
Scroll of Healing1
Scroll of Town Portal1
14 total
team 2

(teal | 159 APM | 2764 actions | 17:21)
Hero icon 4 Death Knight
Ability icon 2 Death Coil
Ability icon 2 Unholy Aura
Hero icon 4 Lich
Ability icon 2 Frost Nova
Ability icon 2 Frost Armor
Hero icon 3 Naga Sea Witch
Ability icon 2 Frost Arrows
Ability icon 1 Forked Lightning

» actions
Assign group hotkey39
Basic commands267
Build / train57
ESC pressed2
Enter build submenu11
Enter hero's abilities submenu12
Give item / drop item3
Right click942
Select / deselect524
Select group hotkey809
Use ability97
2764 total
» units
Crypt Fiend9
Obsidian Statue3
22 total
» upgrades
Creature Carapace1
Disease Cloud1
Unholy Armor2
Destroyer Form1
Creature Attack1
8 total
» buildings
Altar of Darkness1
Tomb of Relics1
Nerubian Tower1
Halls of the Dead1
Black Citadel1
13 total
» build order
00:07 Crypt
00:10 Altar of Darkness
00:25 Ziggurat
01:16 Tomb of Relics
01:40 Graveyard
01:59 Nerubian Tower
02:49 Halls of the Dead
03:00 Ziggurat
05:16 Slaughterhouse
05:18 Ziggurat
06:40 Black Citadel
10:20 Ziggurat
14:20 Ziggurat
» items
Rod of Necromancy3
Dust of Appearance1
Potion of Lesser Invulnerability1
Orb of Corruption1
Scroll of Healing3
9 total

Chat log

(06:45 / All) AthenaMythCloth: faq

(38:36 / All) Holy.Redemption: I pitty you all. I really do.