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General information

Mini Map


team 1

(green | 87 APM | 1195 actions | 13:45)
Hero icon 4 Keeper of the Grove
Ability icon 2 Force of Nature
Ability icon 2 Entangling Roots
Hero icon 2 Goblin Alchemist
Ability icon 1 Acid Bomb
Ability icon 1 Healing Spray

» actions
Assign group hotkey7
Build / train43
Enter build submenu15
Enter hero's abilities submenu6
Give item / drop item1
Right click759
Select / deselect239
Select group hotkey84
Use ability41
1195 total
» units
Forest Troll Shadow Priest2
Forest Troll Berserker1
Mountain Giant2
Faerie Dragon3
34 total
» buildings
Altar of Elders1
Moon Well5
Ancient of War1
Tree of Ages1
Ancient of Wind1
Hunter's Hall1
Ancient of Wonders1
Tree of Life1
Ancient of Lore1
13 total
» build order
00:06 Altar of Elders
00:10 Moon Well
00:45 Ancient of War
01:36 Moon Well
02:54 Tree of Ages
04:48 Moon Well
05:39 Ancient of Wind
05:41 Hunter's Hall
05:56 Ancient of Wonders
08:43 Tree of Life
10:01 Moon Well
10:04 Moon Well
10:44 Ancient of Lore
(38:36 / All) Holy.Redemption: I pitty you all. I really do.