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team 1

Random» UndeadTheRealDsen31
(teal | 44 APM | 476 actions | 10:47)
Hero icon 3 Crypt Lord
Ability icon 2 Carrion Beetles
Ability icon 1 Impale

» actions
Assign group hotkey15
Build / train31
Enter build submenu17
Enter hero's abilities submenu3
Remove unit from queue2
Right click179
Select / deselect125
Select group hotkey81
Use ability23
476 total
» units
Crypt Fiend5
Goblin Shredder1
16 total
» upgrades
Creature Carapace2
Unholy Strength0
Creature Attack2
Banshee Training1
7 total
» buildings
Altar of Darkness1
Tomb of Relics2
Halls of the Dead1
Spirit Tower1
Temple of the Damned3
17 total
» build order
00:17 Graveyard
00:35 Crypt
00:49 Altar of Darkness
01:05 Ziggurat
01:22 Ziggurat
02:10 Ziggurat
03:18 Tomb of Relics
04:11 Halls of the Dead
05:33 Spirit Tower
06:33 Tomb of Relics
08:00 Necropolis
08:31 Temple of the Damned
08:33 Temple of the Damned
08:44 Temple of the Damned
08:47 Ziggurat
09:34 Ziggurat
09:38 Slaughterhouse
team 2

(green | 183 APM | 1979 actions | 10:48)
Hero icon 3 Death Knight
Ability icon 2 Death Coil
Ability icon 1 Unholy Aura
Hero icon 2 Lich
Ability icon 1 Frost Nova
Ability icon 1 Frost Armor

» actions
Assign group hotkey25
Basic commands83
Build / train31
ESC pressed3
Enter build submenu10
Enter hero's abilities submenu6
Right click911
Select / deselect288
Select group hotkey584
Use ability38
1979 total
» units
Crypt Fiend6
Obsidian Statue2
15 total
» upgrades
Creature Attack1
Creature Carapace1
4 total
» buildings
Altar of Darkness1
Tomb of Relics1
Halls of the Dead1
Black Citadel1
11 total
» build order
00:07 Graveyard
00:10 Crypt
00:42 Altar of Darkness
00:56 Ziggurat
01:12 Tomb of Relics
02:05 Ziggurat
03:58 Halls of the Dead
04:33 Ziggurat
06:28 Slaughterhouse
06:55 Ziggurat
08:16 Black Citadel
» items
Rod of Necromancy2
Scroll of Town Portal1
3 total
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